Chapter 25 - Universal Trouble

Friday, September 19, 2008

While studying the power steering dilemma, Joyce and I took a drive. Problems quickly cropped up. The motor would run a seconds and then switch off; a second later, it would turn back on. Off, on, off, on, and it’s back to the garage. I plug in my palm pilot and check the error codes. The computer seems to hint that it is getting false readings from the stall detector. I turn off the stall detector and jack up the rear wheels. The motor runs smoothly, for about 10 seconds, then I hear a loud bang!

I quickly shut off the motor, and crawl under the car.

I was shocked to see that the rear universal joint had blown out one of its bearings! Early in the project, some people worried that the Warp 11 motor might be too powerful for the standard Corvette drive train.

Could they be right?

I remove the drive shaft and find the blown bearing cup, with the needle bearings still in place. Very unusual!

I show the broken u-joint to the people at Proven Force. They think I might have mounted the joint improperly. I don’t think so. They repair the drive shaft on their dime and I carefully bolt it back in place.

I phone Net Gain, the people who designed the TransWarp 11. They told me that the motor can not blow out properly mounted needle bearings. Dave T. agrees; so I will boldly go where others have gone, without being bold.

Back to testing!

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