Chapter 35 - Scraping Bottom

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Corvettes sit low to the ground, so low that the bottom nose of the car scrapes the pavement as I go down the driveway and on to the street.
This is a common problem with low riding cars. GM’s answer was to mount skid rails under the nose of the car.

As you can see in the photo below, after 22 years, the rails are fairly worn.

In any case, the rails could not protect the front battery box from all road hazards.  I covered the leading edge of the box with carbon fiber and red duct tape.  The green arrow points to the spot where the pavement hit the box. To no one’s surprise, the duct tape was not as strong as the carbon fiber.

A $3000 set of 4 adjustable shocks would probably solve the problem, but that’s too pricey.

I go low tech and have an aluminum skid plate made.

I have the metal worker make the plate big enough to cover a large area, as

part of my plan to make the whole underside of the car aerodynamic.

The skid plate does a good job of protecting the front battery box but the car still makes an awful sound when it scrapes the pavement!

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