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Monday, October 06, 2008

Joyce and I go for a test run. The Zilla controller is still set at 600 amps.  The drive train works smoothly, but acceleration is poor and the top speed is only 35mph according to my GPS.

And I need the GPS because my speedometer is telling me I’m going 3 times as fast. Garbage!

I kick it up to 800 amps, but the car is still slow.

Time to scratch my head.

Feels good but doesn’t solve the problem.

I crawl all over the car, and finally discover that some carpet scraps are preventing the accelerator pedal from going all the way down. After removing the scraps and tightening the pedal mounting screws, I finally have full accelerator movement.

Joyce and I make another test run. Time for the Volt Vette to hit the highway. The car’s speed still built up too slowly, but, when I hit about 35 mph the Corvette moves smartly forward to 55 and I blend smoothly into heavy traffic. I come up behind a guy doing 40. A tiny flick of the wrist and I shoot past. The only sound is the air rushing by.

Feels good. Feels REAL good!

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