Chapter 30 - Heat for Humans

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now that the batteries are warm, the next step is to keep the people inside the car warm.

Back in Chapter 21 Tim mounted two 1500 watt electric heat elements in the car’s heater box. Why two? Because, I’m told, one won’t cut it in a Minnesota winter.

Later, Lee connects wires to the core using heat resistant nickel connectors.

The heater box was very difficult to remove, and every bit as hard to put back in.

It would be nice to run the new heater through the stock Corvette temperature control unit.

But it could take some time to hack into the unit and we don’t want to hold up the project.  That means new switches and wiring.   

The new heater core must run off the 156 volt pack.

The new switches can not handle that much power directly so Dave P wires in 2 “ice cube” relays between the switches and the pack. The lighted red switches will turn on the relays, and the relays will flip on the heater cores.

I will have to cut some square holes in the dash to mount the switches.  A difficult job, that can easily make a mess of the dashboard, and make it look like I don’t know what I’m doing. (I’m trying to keep THAT a secret!)

I carefully drill a hole in the plastic; then draw lines that are the same size as the switch. Using some small hand files very slowly,  I shape the round holes into square holes of exactly the correct size. File then check size. File, check size. File, check size.  And finally, a perfect fit!

In the photo above, the green arrow points to the first switch, in place.

With the dash reassembled, I finally have heat. I look at the clock on the wall, it’s spring and I’m getting behinder and behinder.

Next, the Devil in the DC-DC

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