Chapter 34 - The Ring is the Thing

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is this thing?

It fell out of the TransWarp 11 electric motor when I first tore it apart, over a year. If I had been smart, I would have quickly called the people who designed the motor. But long-time readers know I’m not very smart.

Many months went by before I found out that this unusual warped washer is designed to keep the armature from moving backward and forward inside the motor housing. Sort of a minimalist shock absorber.

The designers want the washer back inside the motor, but at this late date, that will not be easy.

I hate this. The motor is running just fine, why mess with it?

The motor men tell me the washer should go in the “bell” end of the Warp 11.

In this photo, the red arrow points to the bell end and the green arrow points to the end that should hold the washer!

With the bell unbolted two facts hit me. One, the washer does not fit.

Two, the too short driveshaft,  I recently replaced, seems to have destroyed the internal bronze bushing hidden inside the bell.

I make a quick call to the designers. They tell me that by “bell end,” they sometimes mean the other end.

But first, the bushing needs to be replaced.  Another job I can’t do! One week and $600 later,  I get down to some warped washer work.

I dust off my tranny jack and use it to lower the motor.

With about a thousand miles on it, the motor was much more difficult to get apart than when it was brand new.

The washer fits easily into the tail end of the motor. What a relief!

After another 12 hours of very hard work, the Volt Vette was on the road and being driven every day.

Next: Ready for You Tube.

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