Chapter 38 - Air Conditioning - Part Two

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I’m using some fairly strong ABS plastic to seal off and streamline the bottom of the car.

I think I can use some of the left-over plastic to build a box to protect the AC controller.

ABS glue was had to find, so I tried some plastic pipe glue I had laying around. This worked surprisingly well, so I made a new battery box cover, also using ABS plastic.

I wanted to put the compressor where the power steering pump once was.

It was a tight fit, but I couldn’t find a better space.

With the controller in its protective box and wired to the compressor I was now ready to have the pros at DAS automotive do the plumbing.

They mounted a new condenser behind the rear axle, there no longer being enough space under the hood.

This photo shows an overview of the system.

The blue arrow points to the compressor.

The green arrow points to the controller box with its heat sink showing.

The pink arrow points to the new dryer.

Very cool, and it can be operated with the car’s original climate controls!

Too bad summer is gone.

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