Chapter 46 - Summer Testing

Saturday, December 31, 2011

No. The Volt Vette is not dead.
Sorry. Been busy with other things.
I will skip the boring details.

With one 156-volt compressor motor and three 12-volt electric motors electric, this air conditioning system uses a lot of current.
This lowers the range of the car by about 20%.

Things might have been better, but leaks in the air vents makes it harder to keep the vette cool on hot summer days.

I tear into the dash and find a very worn seal on the biggest vent.

But, putting in a new foam rubber seal does not seem to increase air flow in to the cabin.
Constantly tearing into the dash is undoubtedly part of the problem!

Because of the glass roof, if it’s 90F, the inside of the Volt Vette gets really hot, really fast.

I try to do most of my summer driving in the cool of the evening, and my winter driving on bright sunny days to improve the range.

Next: More work on the Digital Dash.

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