Bruce Snyder

Bruce Snyder

Like any proud grandparent, veteran neurologist Bruce Snyder is concerned about the future of the planet that his seven grandchildren will inherit. This feeling of uneasiness was the incentive for him to join the Sierra Club.

In his living room surrounded by the frames of family pictures and souvenirs from all corners of the globe, Bruce initiates our conversation: “We don’t have the luxury to not do anything [about climate change]; we should think about the future cost.” First inspired by Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, Bruce has managed to channel his concerns about the future into a fight for solutions. “The urgency to protect the wonderful diversity of creatures,” he feels, is motivation to carry out an active role as a Sierra Club member. “Climate change and the excessive use of fossil fuels are very significant threats to people, economy, society, and the world.”

Bruce’s transformation from a Sierra Club member to an inexhaustible activist is, in fact, quite remarkable. He has been a member for many years, but he got activated in early 2013 after attending a volunteer orientation on climate change and renewable energy. Since then, he has been contacting other members, participating in phone banks, writing letters to political leaders.  The Environmental Congress, an opportunity for citizens to weigh in with state officials this spring, was another platform for Bruce to convey his thoughts and concerns about the natural future of our planet.  To Bruce, the most uplifting part of being in the Congress and volunteering with the North Star Chapter has been the optimism he feels when seeing the level of involvement from his fellow activists. He is also an active member of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

“The price will always be paid by the poor,” he asserts, highlighting the cost of social injustice caused by harm to the environment. Does this warning not show that our concerns about the future of our family and friends are inseparably linked to the ecological well-being of the entire community? This question, highlighting the thin divide between our own future and the globe’s, validates the cause of the Sierra Club – as the involvement of Sierrans like Bruce excitingly shows us.

Profile by Murat Altun, Development and Communications Intern for the Sierra Club North Star Chapter.

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