How to volunteer

Minnesota Inner City Outings operates through the hard work of its volunteers. MN ICO has three tiers of volunteers: Guest, Secondary, and Primary. Each tier builds upon those preceding it. Please see below for the paperwork and certifications associated with each volunteer role.

Below you will find the general responsibilities and qualification for the three levels of volunteers, and checklists to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork completed for an application.

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Those new to MN ICO have the opportunity to check us out by coming on an outing. The guest must agree to abide by the MN ICO Code of Ethics and be willing to help out as needed.  For the protection of the youth we work with, volunteers may only be a guest on two outings before they are asked to initiate the paperwork to be a secondary leader.


  • A completed MN ICO Application
  • A signed MN ICO Code of Ethics Agreement
  • A copy of your Social Security Card
  • A copy of your Driver’s License

Secondary Leaders

Volunteers who have decided that MN ICO is a good fit take on the secondary leadership role. This includes helping with the logistics and planning of an outing, and a willingness to take on primary leader duties within their level of comfort. They maintain their Sierra Club membership (insurance reasons) and First Aid Training.  They also undergo a background check.


  • Complete a Minnesota Inner City Outings (MN ICO) Leader Application prior to your first outing.
  • Sign the MN ICO Code of Ethics and the Sierra Club Outing Committee Volunteer Agreement prior to your first outing.
  • Be a current Sierra Club member within six months after first outing.
  • Complete First Aid certification within six months after your first outing.
  • Complete CPR certification with six months after your first outing.
  • Pass the Department of Motor Vehicles and criminal background reviews within six months after your first outing
  • Attend at least three outings a year.
  • Attend leader training provided by MN ICO within one year after your first outing.
  • Be prepared to achieve Certified Primary Leader status beginning at the end of one year after your first outing.


  • All Guest Application materials
  • A copy of your Sierra Club membership card
  • A signed background check release form

Primary Leaders

Ultimately responsible for the planning, logistics, and execution of the outing. Completes the Trip Summary and reimbursement forms. Must stay current on Sierra Club membership, training, and First Aid. May be asked to transport children, or maintain communication with an agency.


  • Complete at least two trips as a Secondary leader.
  • Maintain Sierra Club membership.
  • Attend leader training provided by MN ICO.
  • Maintain current information (name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.) on Volunteer Application.
  • Maintain up-to-date First Aid.
  • Complete Wilderness First Aid or better when it becomes available.
  • Lead a minimum of two outings per year as a Certified Primary Leader.
  • Attend an additional two outings per year as either a Certified Primary Leader or a Secondary Leader.
  • Be flexible to meet or maintain other requirements as they become necessary.


  • All Guest and Secondary Application materials
  • A copy of your First Aid certificate
  • A signed DMV record request form
  • A copy of your other certifications (WFA, WFR, WSI, etc.) if applicable

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