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Unfinished Business: 2015 Energy Policies Passed in Minnesota

by Michelle Rosier What a difference a day makes (or in this case, two years.) In 2013, the Minnesota legislature passed clean energy and jobs policies that have set the […] More

Tar Sands Resistance March – What democracy looks like

By Danette Knickmeier On June 6, I spent the day with 5,000 of my brothers and sisters. They were young. They were old. Some came from as far away as […] More

Sierra Club Statement: Legislative Session A Dismal Failure for Minnesota Values, Citizens

Early Saturday morning, the Minnesota House and Senate passed the Agriculture & Environment Omnibus budget bill and concluded the 2015 Minnesota Legislative Special Session. The Sierra Club North Star Chapter […] More

Tell Minnesota Legislators: Reject Special Session Agriculture & Environment Omnibus Budget Bill

In the special session, your legislators will vote on the revised Agriculture & Environment Omnibus Budget bill (HF 846) – a “dirty water bill” that reverses decades of progress and […] More

North Star Spotlight: The Forest and Wildlands Committee

The Sierra Club is the nation’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. Not only do we consist of 64 local chapters, but each chapter contains several issues committees, which […] More