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2015 Legislative Issue Priorities

Advance Clean Energy and Jobs

Last biennium, the Clean Energy and Jobs Campaign passed groundbreaking legislation to establish a 1.5 percent solar energy standard, with a 10 percent goal by 2030. As a result, we are already seeing new, good paying jobs: more than 15,300 Minnesotans now work in clean energy industries. To keep Minnesota moving forward, it's time to update the state's Renewable Electricity Standard to 40%, improve the yearly energy savings goal for utilities from 1.5% to 2%, and implement policies to grow renewable energy in Greater Minnesota.

Expand Green Transportation Options

Minnesota urgently needs a clean, efficient transportation system that will pay environmental and economic dividends far into the future, reducing pollution and carbon emissions. Together with Move MN, a growing and diverse coalition of more than 200 businesses, organizations and local governments who are dedicated to fixing our transportation problem, we can secure needed funding to expand transit options in our state and enhance bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Protect Minnesota’s Northland from Toxic Sulfide Mining and Oil Pipeline Risks

Sulfide copper/nickel mining proposals and expanding tar sands and oil transport in northern Minnesota pose unacceptable risks to our environment, communities and local economies. Sulfide mining releases acid and toxic metals that contaminate rivers and groundwater for hundreds of years. Companies should be required to prove that they’ve operated and closed a similar mine in another state without long-term pollution. Until they do, sulfide mines should not be permitted in Minnesota, and existing safeguards – including requirements for wetland preservation and replacement – should be upheld. And protections from the risks of spills and explosions from increasing oil transport across our state are urgently needed.

Minnesota’s framework of environmental policies must be defended from rollbacks – to safeguard our state’s precious resources and the people who depend on them.

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