Environmental Justice

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Everyone deserves clean air, clean water, healthy, safe, food and beautiful green space in their communities regardless of the color of their skin or income.

Communities have been concerned with permitting and environmental justice issues in Minnesota for quite some time. In North Minneapolis, the Sierra Club Environmental Justice program has partnered with neighborhood associations and community groups to urge the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to make environmental justice a priority. We would like the State of Minnesota to be a shining example when it comes to protecting vulnerable communities around air, soil and water issues. You can follow what the MPCA is doing on environmental justice here.

Sierra Club's environmental justice organizer is a partner and mentor with emerging leaders:

The High School for Recording Arts’ Get Your Green Team
took 2nd place in the 2012 Green For All Dream Reborn
contest with their song “Climate Control”. Check out
their video “Clean Up the Air”!

Joey Adamji, EJ volunteer leader and Green for All Fellow,
works with the Climate Change Crew as part of Kitty Anderson
Youth Science Center. See Climate Justice Crew’s music video.

Roxanne O’Brien is a voice for the environmental justice community on the City of Minneapolis' Citizens Environmental Advisory Committee.

Karen Monahan was a Green for All fellow. For more information on their organization please see link below.


EJAM is one of our partner groups. For more information on their work, please see link below.


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