Water & Wetlands

The North Star Chapter's Wetlands & Water Committee is dedicated to protecting Minnesota's water resources. We do that by:

  • Tracking and proposing legislation;
  • Monitoring agency/local government actions and programs;
  • Participating in federal, state and local task forces or committees;
  • Providing ideas and information to legislators, council members and other influential people;
  • Recruiting volunteers and helping them make a difference;
  • Developing coalitions with other environmental groups on specific issues.

Join us at our monthly meetings and clean-ups! Contact Co-Chair Bill Barton at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

photo: dragonfly
In wetlands of high quality, many species are found.
Here a dragonfly is just emerging from its larval
skin after spending several months feeding on
invertebrates in a healthy wetland.

(image courtesy of the North American
Benthological Society


Wetlands are a very important part of the clean water system. They filter pollution and purify our water, store floodwater and replenish groundwater. Maintaining healthy wetlands in watersheds helps prevent rivers and lakes from becoming polluted.

Wetlands suffer from pollution, urban development, and highway and farm runoff, harming their ability to support life. Wetlands provide habitat for a wealth of wildlife: ducks, dragonflies, frogs, birds, fish and an amazing diversity of plants. With early melting, small wetlands become rich in invertebrates, providing necessary, life-giving food for reproducing waterfowl and their hatchlings.

photo: Judy Helgen
Judy Helgen